EPRI: Electric Power Research Institute

Distributed Energy Resource Value Estimation Tool (DER-VET™)

Pre-Defined GUI Cases

  • DER for Bill Reduction

  • Have DER-VET size a battery energy storage system paired with a fixed-size solar PV system to maximize customer bill savings relative to the system's cost over its life. Use the "post-facto" option in DER-VET's reliability service to estimate how much critical load this economically-optimally sized and operated battery can cover and for how long.

  • DER for Reliability

  • In a similar case to "DER for Bill Reduction", use DER-VET's reliability service (with the post-facto option turned off) to optimally size and operate a battery energy storage system paired with a fixed-size solar PV system to guarantee critical load coverage during grid outages that last up to 4 hours.

  • CAISO Market Case

  • Calculate the maximal value of a fixed-size battery energy storage system as it participates in the CAISO day-ahead energy and frequency regulation markets during a historical year.

  • EV Battery Sizing

  • Optimally size a stationary battery energy storage system to mitigate the electricity costs of a fleet of electric vehicles whose charging can be partially curtailed, also to mitigate electricity costs.

Command-Line Cases

  • Energy Shifting Value Across US ISO_RTOs 2020

  • This command-line only case implements a broad scenario analysis of the energy time shifting value of Lithium ion-like energy storage in all US ISO/RTO regions at durations ranging from 2 to 96 hours.

Other GUI Cases

  • CAISO Market with Degradation

  • This case modifies the CAISO Market reference case to include some information about degradation. A cycle life curve is included and a penalty on energy throughput (variable O&M) is added to reduce low-value cycling and maximize the energy shifting value of the system over its life.