EPRI: Electric Power Research Institute

Distributed Energy Resource Value Estimation Tool (DER-VET™)

Energy Storage Integration Council (ESIC)

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) established the Energy Storage Integration Council (ESIC) to advance the deployment and integration of energy storage systems through open, technical collaboration. EPRI convenes and coordinates ESIC's working groups and informational sessions and publishes its documents and online resources.

  • The Grid Services and Analysis Working Group (WG1) determines the requirements of energy storage with respect to grid needs and value. It develops guidelines and definitions for evaluating energy storage system value and power system impacts.

  • The DER-VET Task Force aims to gather participants to review the latest DER-VET feature development, and gathers feedback and input from active users.

WG1 DER-VET™ Task Force Meeting Recordings


    DER-VET Task Force : Presentations

    • 2023-10-05 Meeting: PDF | recording Understanding Frequency Regulation Results, Production Cost Modeling Question
    • 2023-08-03 Meeting: PDF | recording Iron-Air Long-Duration Energy Storage for Energy Time Shifting
    • 2023-04-06 Meeting: PDF | recording Reliability Recap, Simulating Power Outages with User-Defined Constraints with Demo
    • 2023-02-02 Meeting: PDF | recording Polling follow-up, Public DER-VET Case Studies, DER-VET v1.2.3 release imminent: February 6
    • 2023-01-02 Meeting: polling-only Survey to capture feedback on future DER-VET development

2022: Year in Review

    DER-VET August Webinar Series : Presentations

    • 2022-08-30 Meeting: PDF | Informing Energy Storage and Storage-Enabled Microgrid Project Decisions Using EPRI's DER-VET

    DER-VET Task Force : Presentations

    • 2022-12-01 Meeting: PDF | slides-only Known Software Bugs and Features for Next Update
    • 2022-10-06 Meeting: PDF | recording General ESIC In Person Meeting Recap, Software Update, Demo on Troubleshooting a GUI Run Error
    • 2022-09-01 Meeting: PDF | recording Flow Battery Reference Case, Software Update
    • 2022-08-04 Meeting: PDF | recording Long Duration Energy Storage, Software Update
    • 2022-07-07 Meeting: PDF | recording Software Reliability Bug, DER-VET v1.2.2 Release Plan, Other Bugs and Features
    • 2022-06-02 Meeting: PDF | recording Software Update, Running Cases Less Than One Year, Complex Tariffs in DER-VET
    • 2022-05-05 Meeting: PDF | recording Software Details of v1.2.1 Release, EPRI's GitHub page, Q/A
    • 2022-04-07 Meeting: PDF | recording Demo of DER-VET Version 1.2, Fueled Generator Case
    • 2022-03-03 Meeting: PDF | recording Software Feature Changes, Electricity Dump for Thermal Loads, Polling and Task Force 2022 Results
    • 2022-02-03 Meeting: PDF | recording Software Updates, project.json Files, Task Force 2022 Priorities, V2B Backup Power Case
    • 2022-01-06 Meeting: PDF | recording Software Updates for Next Release, CHP Validation Paper, Task Force 2022

2021: Year in Review

    DER-VET Task Force : Presentations

    • 2021-12-02 Meeting: PDF | recording DER-VET for Emissions Co-Optimization, DER-VET for CHP Analysis
    • 2021-11-04 Meeting: PDF | recording DER-VET for RFP Evaluation and Planning
    • 2021-10-07 Meeting: PDF | recording DER-VET: CHANGELOG files, determining the version, Case Study: Cost Benefit Analysis Approach
    • 2021-09-02 Meeting: PDF | recording DER-VET Version 1.1.2 release notes, Degradation Reference Case
    • 2021-08-05 Meeting: PDF | recording DER-VET Version 1.1 Release, Reference Case Updates, Command-Line Energy Shifting Case
    • 2021-07-01 Meeting: PDF | recording DER-VET Tool Update Notice, DER-VET Reliability Sizing, Resource Adequacy Update
    • 2021-06-03 Meeting: PDF | recording DER-VET Tool Updates, Use-Case Database Planning, Recent ES Analysis Projects
    • 2021-05-06 Meeting: PDF | recording ESIC General Session Review, Use Case Database Planning
    • 2021-04-01 Meeting: PDF | recording OpenEI API Connection, Project Import/Export, Sharing Technologies, Help Options
    • 2021-03-04 Meeting: PDF | recording Market Report, User Guide Walkthrough, Full Release Logistics
    • 2021-02-04 Meeting: PDF | recording Resource Adequacy and Demand Response, Workshop Announcement, Full Release Logistics
    • 2021-01-14 Meeting: PDF | recording DER-VET™ Installation Video, GUI Validation Demo, CalEnviroScreen

2020: Year in Review

    DER-VET Task Force : Presentations

    • 2020-12-03 Meeting: PDF | recording DER-VET™ Installation, Licensing, and Release Schedule
    • 2020-11-05 Meeting: PDF | recording Solar PPA Cost Calculation and External Software Integration
    • 2020-10-01 Meeting: PDF | recording Load Shedding, Degradation, and CBA
    • 2020-09-03 Meeting: PDF | recording Electric Vehicles and CHP
    • 2020-08-06 Meeting: PDF | recording Microgrid Deisgn Considerations
    • 2020-07-02 Meeting: PDF | recording DER-VET™ Report Generator Survey
    • 2020-06-04 Meeting: PDF | recording Github/Forum Opening + Battery Duration Optimization
    • 2020-05-07 Meeting: PDF | recording DER-VET™ Beta Testing Results + Non-Perfect Foresight
    • 2020-04-02 Meeting: PDF | recording DER-VET™ Beta Release + StorageVET® Update
    • 2020-03-05 Meeting: PDF | recording Public Safety Power Shutoff Use Case
    • 2020-02-06 Meeting: PDF | recording Customer Reliability Use Case
    • 2020-01-09 Meeting: PDF | recording Documentation Overview + Battery/PV Sizing
    • 2019-12-05 Meeting: PDF | recording Distribution Deferral in DER-VET™

    DER-VET Task Force : Office Hours

Get Involved with ESIC

  • Stakeholders can participate in input and review of model definitions through participation in the Energy Storage Integration Council (ESIC), an open technical forum. More info can be found at www.epri.com/esic.